People have different views when it comes to engagement rings and wedding rings. However, there are some things that never change when you talk about engagement and wedding rings like the quality it possess and the meaning it holds. 

For some culture, rings serve as symbols. Engagement rings serve as a commitment between two persons who will soon take the vow of marriage, this is usually offered by a man to his soon to be wife. There is a constant change when it comes to the value and quality of these rings. In one way or another, this serves as a formal promise made by two parties who will soon enter the married life. 

When it comes to the selection of engagement rings, there are changes that took place over time. Before, men usually decide the material to be used for the ring, the design and purchase it before the proposal. This is slowly changing since the selection of the ring is starting to be a combined decision. Unlike before, women can already express what they like for an engagement ring and which one she prefers. And so, the selection of wedding rings and engagement rings is becoming a combined decision of the two person involve, 

There are also variations when it comes to the materials that will be used in making the rings. Although, metal combinations such as tungsten carbide, titanium, and stainless steel can already be used as a raw material still the traditional ones like silver and gold are still popular nowadays. It also varies when it comes to the price or the rate of the rings. 

The variation did not just take place in the material to be used for the rings but also the gemstone associated with the wedding bands. Oftentimes, people make use of diamonds as their gemstone but as of today man made gems are also growing in popularity such as cubic zirconium. There are also other stones that are use nowadays like emerald, sapphire, and rubies. 


There was even a time wherein a three month's' salary became standard point when it comes to purchasing rings as mandated by one of the well-known customized jewellery makers in the world. This somehow increases their business sales and the use of diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. This type of standards is still prevalent in today's time and age; this somehow set a guideline when it comes to purchasing engagement rings.